Reason for the HEAVEN!...boring? book and blog

For anyone not familiar with the publication, it is not a primer on how to be “religious” (whatever that is). The 160ish page essay is geared for the thinking: Christian, non-Christian or atheist, who mistakenly believes that a person must “check their brain at the church door” to believe in God, yet wants to contemplate concepts like eternity and immortality.  It delves into topics ranging from world religions, philosophy and sex (I had to find some way to get people interested!) to cosmology (the study of the large scale universe), quantum theory (the realm of the ultramicroscopic) and the concept of time.  For a more comprehensive overview of topics please read the Forward of the book on the Amazon books site.  There you may also read the Preface and first 1 ½ chapters, all for FREE!  If you are not interested in history, religions, philosophy or science per se, I would still encourage you to read chapters 8 and 9 where the material takes on a more personal and relational flavor.
I want this blog to be a place for the free exchange of ideas without fear of ridicule or “sounding stupid”.  The only “dumb” question or opinion is the one that does not get asked or stated.  I do not expect that all of the readers will agree with everything that I say and I may not agree with some of their input.  So I acknowledge that we all have the right to respectfully “agree to disagree”.  It is my hope that by exchanging ideas we may all benefit from those who have either more expertise or a novel insight into various topics.
As a final note, the vast majority of material contained in the book is well referenced (sometimes annotated) and objective.  However, there exist a couple of paragraphs that were so extremely subjective that I at first hesitated to include them.  After several people read this material, they strongly encouraged me to insert it in the text.  Alas, by that time it was too late to get it into the printed version but an early version does reside in the e-book.  I refer to this phantom addendum as, The Dream.  I intend to include it as an early entry into this blog. If you happen to have the paper version of HEAVEN!...boring?, it should be inserted on page 120 following, “…beyond my imagination.” 
I hope that you enjoy this site and the book as much as I have enjoyed creating them.  Thanks for considering.